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Work by Translation Station is based on complete fluency in both Swedish and English. Such linguistic skills are acquired only by living, studying and working in a country for several decades.

If you’re disappointed in or wary of online translation tools and other apps which produce word for word conversions where you risk an inaccurate and often ridiculous output that could lead to misunderstandings, loss of context or even bad business, then rest assured that Translation Station will deliver to you a genuine translation of the text in question.

We can assist you with all kinds of text and content – both written and spoken, at competitive rates:

  • Fiction and non-fiction
  • Articles and advertising copy
  • Brochures and instruction manuals
  • Reports etc, etc.

About English

It’s very difficult to determine exactly, but it´s possible that English could contain more words than any other world language. Its vast vocabulary and wealth in nuances have developed over the centuries thanks to the influences of not just Germanic but also Romanic languages.  

The latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains entries for 171,476 words in current use and 47,156 words marked as obsolete.  If technical and regional words, colloquialisms, slang and jargon were included in the OED, the total number of words in the English language would probably approach three quarters of a million.  Most adult native English speakers use a range of between 20,000–35,000 words.

It´s also interesting to note that English features 25,000 idioms, certainly more than any other language in the world.  Idioms are phrases and expressions that are often not exactly translatable and sometimes even correspond to “sayings” in other languages that are very differently worded indeed.  You need to be 100% bilingual to master the wonderful world of idioms.  

An example of this is the English expression “train of thought”, which corresponds to the Swedish “tankegång” where tanke means thought but where gång means path/aisle/walk.

“The iconic Battersea Power Station was built during the two world wars and famous customers who relied on its fuel over several decades included Buckingham Palace and The Houses of Parliament”. 

About Swedish

Although only spoken by around 10 million people, Swedish is not without its claim to fame amongst languages as it descends from the Vikings´ Old Norse, making it one of oldest languages in the world.  

Swedish is also emerging as one of the “richest” languages of the modern day due to the legitimate practice of plugging together two or three nouns and/or verbs, old and new, including prefixes and suffixes, to create a new word on the spot. 

A funny albeit established example of this phenomenon is the Swedish word for vacuum cleaner – “dammsugare” – where damm means dust and sugare means sucker. And if you need bags for your hoover, or påsar in Swedish,  you need to ask for “dammsugspåsar”. 

“The illustrious City Hall in Stockholm, which opened in 1923 and seen here basking in the sunset, is “the” host venue for events in the capital, which include the annual Nobel Prize Ceremony.”