Special Projects

Bridging the language gap

Our portfolio of work includes Percy Barnevik On Leadership, a very well received translation from Swedish into English of this iconic business leader´s book on heading up global corporates. 

This assignment is a good example of where the brief included improving on the grammar and phraseology of the content in addition to providing a true translation of the text.  

The challenge, however, in the case of a renowned corporate personality such as Percy Barnevik, is to not change and refine too much of the text causing the author´s voice and way of expressing him/herself to be lost. Besides, as Percy Barnevik advises in his book – “the perfect solution takes too long to find”.

The English version of this leadership bible has received rave reviews with 10,000 copies having sold to date.

“Like painting the Forth Bridge” (pictured at the top of the page), is a well-known English (British) saying coined to describe a never-ending activity.  It came about as the world’s second largest cantilever railway bridge took so long to paint that by the time it was done, you had to start all over again.